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Resources for Relationships​

Relationships are connections or bonds between people that are physical, mental or spiritual. The deepest of these connections are spiritual for it is from there that God’s love shines upon our hearts. Therefore deepest of all relationships possible is the one available to us with the Holy One –God. Love, in particular God's love, is what connects or bonds us in a way that we seek the well-being of the one we are in relationship with. Relationships move us to look beyond ourselves for a source of fulfillment.


Having healthy loving relationships can often be challenging and doesn’t seem to come naturally. To have a healthy loving relationship requires us to work sober-mindedly to develop and practice skills that moves the relationship forward creating a stronger healthy bond. This requires much prayer, effort and perseverance.

Resources for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Stress is physical or emotional tension.  It can be caused by a variety of physical, chemical, or emotional factors.  Life is full of constant change; however, change, whether good or bad, is a source of stress.  The body physically reacts to this stress, attempting to return quickly to normal.  Over time, this creates wear and tear on the body.


Resources for Sleep

The Five Causes of Sleep  Problems -Dr. Eric Berg (Video)

Foods that Help Sleep -Dr. Eric Berg (Video)

Foods that Prevent Sleep -Dr. Eric Berg (Video)

Perfecting Your Sleep and Energy -Dr. Eric Berg (Video)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training --Larry Roach (Article)

Recommended Products for Good Health
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Resources for Finances


"Whoever loves money
never has enough;

Whoever loves wealth
is never satisfied

with his income"

--Ecclesiastes 5:10 

Resources for Addictions

You may hear the word "addiction" used in so many ways today. It is a term that has made its way into pop-culture as it is applied almost trivially to people being addicted to candy bars or a favorite TV show. For most of us we have exclusively thought of addictions in terms of being dependent or controlled by a substance like alcohol, cocaine or cigarettes. However, today the term is best applied to a dangerous disease or mental disruption that hinders the quality of life of an individual and those around them. Addiction is best defined as an obsession with a self-destructive substance or behavior.  

Biblical Discipleship 


Worry is "A Failure to Understand God"

  • A failure to Understand God's Priorities

  • A failure to Understand God's Provision

  • A failure to Understand God's Privilege

  • A failure to Understand God's Preference

  • A failure to Understand God's Paternity ​​

--John MacArthur. Free From Anxiety

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