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CEUs 8-12

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Anger is one of the most common and often destructive emotions that we have. I have found, in more than 20 years of counseling people with various degrees of anger issues, most people have little clue of what anger is, what causes it, or how to manage it. Therefore, I have developed these courses and techniques out of years of research and experience in order to teach people how to gain control over the common and powerful emotion of anger. 


These courses and techniques are meant for anyone who wants to take control of their emotion of anger in order to make better decisions and meet healthy goals in life. These courses and techniques will give you a greater understanding of what anger is and what causes it. Also, these courses and techniques will give you specific personal tools to master the emotion of anger, through evaluating your personal specific life situations, and making specific plans to meet personal objectives. These courses and techniques are meant for personal growth in your personal relationships, your marriage, and on job. 


Save time and money by completing these courses in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace. 


For Personal Growth, or Court or Employer Ordered


Course Instructor:

Larry Roach, LMHC

This course has been developed by Larry Roach, LMHC, NCC, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, educator, and an expert in the area of anger management. Larry has provided thousands of hours of individual, marriage, and family counseling. He is also an ordained minister with over 25 years of providing biblical teaching for personal and spiritual growth. Larry is fully licensed by the Florida Department of Health to provide professional counseling and psychotherapy, Certified in Critical Stress Debriefing, and a Certified Clinical Supervisor.


Course Requirements: 


The course requires the student to read and complete exercises on 3 or 4 study units (depending on the course you choose) on anger management, develop a personal toolbox for anger management, and complete and pass a multiple-choice course examination. 


Study Units


Each unit includes a treasure chest of reading, techniques, personal inventories, worksheets, and videos. These exercises, within each unit, will provide you with resources to develop your own personal strategy and toolbox for anger management. This toolbox is designed to be a valuable resource for you for years to come. 


Unit 1. Understanding Anger.

Unit 2. Describing Anger. 

Unit 3. Responding to Anger.

Unit 4. Additional Resources for Your Toolbox.



Course Examination: 


The course examination is a 20 question mulitple-choice exam. The course is designed to be a learning experience, reemphasizing the major points of the course. The exam must be satisfactory completed and submitted for a certificate of completion to be awarded. Exam may be taken up to 3 times without additional cost.


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