Anger Management
 Courses and Counseling

There's Help for Anger

Anger is a God given emotion that can motivate us to protect ourselves and others.
  However, left unbridled it can cause great harm to relationships resulting in broken friendships,
destroyed families, loss of employment, physical harm, and loss of life.

There's help for anger with your kids

There's help for anger in the workplace

There's help for road rage

There's help for anger in your marriage

Option 1:

  Home Study Course
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8 or 12 Hour Course

For Personal Growth
Court Approved Certification Provided
Guaranteed Nationwide

 Save Time and Money
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Learn in Privacy

Option 2:

 Individual Counseling or Phone Counseling
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Standard Counseling Fees Apply.
Court Approved. Certificate provided. 
This is not a group program. 

Option 3

Combination of Individual or Phone Counseling,
Plus the Home Study Course

Standard rates apply to each portion. See Option 1 and 2 above.

Licensed and Certified Instructor and Professional Counselor

Larry Roach, LMHC
Professional Counseling & Teaching
For Personal & Spiritual Growth

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