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Christian Counseling

In office and by phone

State Licensed Counselor
& Ordained Minister

Fee Based

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Personal Growth 
and Mental Health



Antidepressant Medications 


Anxiety Disorders 

Signs of Problem Anger 

Thought Stopping Techniques

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listing of resources)


Spiritual Growth
and Bible Study




Sermon on the Mount 

8 Temptations All Men Face 

Between Two Trees 

The Priesthood of Jesus 

The Dangers of Isolation 

Statement of Christian Faith 

God's Provisions

God's Plan for You

Welcome to
Christian LifeSkills

This site has developed out of our desire to help people move toward personal and spiritual growth and the abundant life God has promised.  As you visit these pages may God richly bless you!

Larry Roach, LMHC
Counselor / Pastor / Teacher

Discipleship Groups
West Orange County

Men at Midweek
 645pm Wednesdays
Led by Larry Roach

Ladies in Fellowship 
645pm Wednesdays
Led by Linda Myers and Mary Roach

Sunday Morning 
Christian Gathering 
in the Park

Led by Larry Roach
Every Sunday at 10 am. 
Bible Study, Hymn Singing,
 and Fellowship Lunch 
for Men Women and Children 
in a beautiful natural setting.

Call/Text for More Information 
about Bible Study/ Discipleship Groups
Larry Roach, 407-716-7083


Anger Management Course
Employer Approved  
Court Approved
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Help For:
Family Conflict
Marital Conflict
Road Rage
Work Conflict
Difficult People
Controlling People

Healthy Anger Course
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Preparation Course

Home Study Course Online
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